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Dissolve to Evolve

The concept of "Dissolve to Evolve" emerged during my research on the metamorphosis of caterpillars, representing a profound transformation. Throughout this process, the internal cells, digestive system, and various organs of the caterpillar liquefy, except for vital structures like breathing tubes. As the metamorphosis progresses, these dissolved components gradually give rise to wings, eyes, and other characteristics, ultimately transforming the caterpillar into a butterfly. Witnessing this extraordinary phenomenon ignites my imagination, contemplating how human beings would appear if we were to undergo similar stages of parallel transformation. We find ourselves in a crucial period where we must evolve and adapt our ways of thinking and living as we navigate through and eventually overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Moreover, this notion of transformation resonates deeply with my personal journey as a Japanese immigrant in Canada. I encounter significant cultural disparities, often faced with the difficulty of embracing unfamiliar customs. Instead of clinging rigidly to my Japanese identity, I recognize the need to embrace a more flexible approach, engaging in a delicate negotiation between the two cultures, thereby cultivating a hybridized sense of self.

Produced wuth the support of the Ontario Arts Council

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