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Nami Ueno

Artist Statement


           "Colors and shapes are my inspirations."

 The colors I adore and the shapes I feel comfortable with bring me unlimited creations.  They are often unexpected and surprising.  It is about feeling more and thinking less.  While in process, I start seeing more and more details. Then I notice the message, which gives me a clear direction to finish the piece.

        "Art that leads to your own fantasy world…."

 My desire for intricate design comes from my childhood experience with a beautiful poster I had in my room.  It had so many details that I never got bored looking at it. To create art that draws you in…forgetting time, space and self is my goal.



 I was born and grew up in a little town called Arashiyama, an important sightseeing district in Kyoto, Japan.  As a child, I enjoyed drawing and making things with my creative grandfather.  I started art lessons at the age of 15.  After 4 years of graphite sketching and watercolor training, I entered Kyoto University of Art and Design graduating in 1997.  I have never stopped painting since then.