Nami Ueno

Lives and works in Toronto, Canada

Nami Ueno is a visual artist from Japan, a graduate from Kyoto University of Art and Design. Nami’s work considers the relationships between the body and mind, the visible and the invisible, and influences caused by external sources such as the media, viruses, and entities.  She employs paper as a metaphor for memory and engages with a range of themes that relate to the human body and mental condition.  By underlining our vulnerability and fragility, she suggests an opportunity to reclaim our power.  

2021 Visual Artists Creation Projects Grant (Ontario Arts Council)
2021 Visual Artists Grant (Toronto Arts Council)
2020 RBC Space Award (Toronto Arts Foundation)
2020 Toronto Arts Foundation Painting “Tomoshibi” chosen design for 2020 December holiday card
2020 Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship grant (Toronto Arts Council)
2019 Exhibition Assistance (Ontario Arts Council)
2019 RBC Arts Access Showcase (Toronto Arts Foundation)
2018 RBC Arts Access Fund grant (Toronto Arts Foundation)

2022 When It Takes Over
2019 Dreamwork, Pape Danforth Public Library, Toronto, ON

2020 Queen West Art Crawl Online
2020 Art in the Square Online, Artists’ Network
2020 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair Online, Toronto, ON
2019 Artwalk in the Square, Artists' Network, Shops at Don Mills, Toronto,ON
2019 Queen West Art Crawl, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON
2019 SALON DES REFUSES, Artists’ Network, Toronto, ON
2019 Riverdale Artwalk , Artists' Network, Jimmie Simpson Park, Toronto, ON
2018 Artwalk in the Square, Artists’ Network, Shops at Don Mills, Toronto, ON
2018 Riverdale Artwalk, Artists' Network, Jimmie Simpson Park, Toronto, ON
2017 Spirit of Canada , Artists' Network, Rosedale United Church, Toronto, ON
2017 Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Artists' Network, Blue Crow Gallery, Toronto, ON

2019 "Intro to Contemporary Tole Art"  Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Scarborough, ON
2019  One stroke painting for winter holiday, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Scarborough, ON 
2018 "Painting Outside the Box" Don Valley Art Club, Toronto, ON